Silent Auctions on Facebook for House Cleaning Services

I have noted that there is an increasing number of companies that are using Facebook for private auctions.  I had never thought about this before but it is a good idea.  Not only will the post be shared by other increasing brand visibility the company will receive likes and social media votes to increase their online presence.

Its sweetest day tomorrow and I saw people bidding on house cleaning packages for gifts.  Actually a nice thought.  Wouldn’t someone love to have the extra hand of doing all the housework?  Some of the auctions were for one time cleanings. Others were up to 24-months of cleaning. Paying up front seemed to be a great economical deal through these auctions.

Check out some of the Facebook house cleaning deals I found on Facebook.naperivlle-house-cleaning

I found one house cleaning company ( in particular to ask them how they came up with the idea and often they promote onlinenaperivlle-house-cleaning-october silent auctions.  The owner was very informative and excited.  He told me that he noticed other companies had started doing it a year ago and that he would try it.   I asked him how effective the auctions had been and he said they were a success.  Not only did he attract more clients with the low budget Facebook adverts, but he was able to sell a service through the silent auction. It was a “win-win”.

Being in business you face-book-silent-auctionswill always need to come up with creative solutions to be unique in your market and stand out above the competition.  Using actions on Facebook or every Ebay are creative new ideas that most business owners aren’t aware of and a good way to be smarter to self-promote.