Auto Auction Purchasing Through EBay

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So what are the ways you can purchase a car online?  Auctions are one of those ways.  One of the most well-known places is ebay.  An alternative, yet popular non-auction site is Craigslist.  Back in my younger day, I always used to pick up a copy of AutoTrader to browse through.

Ebay has a user-friendly four-step process you can follow to buy a vehicle which you can find

In a nutshell, the process is outlined here.

  1. Find you Car. Look for the cars that you like on eBay using their search.  Filter your search with the select functions that you are looking for.
  2. Do your Research.  Look at the pricing structure of the vehicles that you are looking at.  You should be able to get a feel of what type of vehicle  you can afford and what the options are.   Study the reviews.  EBay has functions to help you do a full research.   Review the seller history and get a feel if the seller is reputable.  Calculate the costs and figure out what you are willing to spend,  don’t forget about state tax when you are registering the vehicle.  EBay offer buyer protection up to $50,000 at no additional cost.
  3. Purchase or Bid.  Depending on if the seller has the auto on an auction or buy it now, you can make an offer.  If you are not already a member of eBay then this is the point that you should register.  Then you can make a bid,  purchase with buy-it-now option or you can make an offer.
  4. Seal the Deal.  Time to complete your purchase, you will need to review the details displayed and seal the deal with the seller. Pay the seller through eBay.  You can use a credit card at this point.  The seller will end up footing the cost for the credit card, which is about 5% of the total cost, through the credit card company (PayPal).   Then arrange for picking up the vehicle and/or shipping of the vehicle.

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